It was on my wedding day that they told me he is not coming

If the groom is not coming on his wedding day, it can be an extremely difficult and emotional situation for everyone involved. Here are some steps to consider taking if this unfortunate circumstance arises:

  1. Stay Calm and Seek Support: It’s crucial to remain calm and composed, despite the shock and emotions running high. Seek support from close family members, friends, or the wedding party to help you through this challenging moment.
  2. Attempt to Contact the Groom: Try reaching out to the groom through phone calls, text messages, or any other means available. There might be a legitimate reason for his absence, and it’s essential to get in touch with him to understand the situation.
  3. Check with Family and Friends: Contact the groom’s family and friends to see if they have any information about his whereabouts or if they can shed light on the situation.
  4. Consider Rescheduling: If the groom’s absence is due to unforeseen circumstances, it might be worth considering rescheduling the wedding. This decision is entirely up to the bride and her family, and it’s essential to take their feelings and preferences into account.
  5. Communicate with Guests: If the decision is made to reschedule or cancel the wedding, communicate this with the guests as soon as possible. It’s better to be transparent and honest about the situation to avoid unnecessary speculation.

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