“It was one of the best gift I have recieved..” Artist Genet

Let’s face it: not every present is wonderful and makes the recipient feel especially special. The ideal present is one that allows you and the recipient to share in the joy of giving and receiving. The kind of gifts that make you feel like “Oh my gosh, this person truly cares about me” or “This person really knows what I enjoy.” Gifts that make recipients feel appreciated are amazing gifts, not just nice ones. Don’t purchase straightforward, generic gifts for housewarming or bridal showers. Get something that conveys, “I genuinely care about you,” instead. On time – a present that is late is a lousy gift. For goodness sake, get it there on time or early. Just don’t be late! Gifts that are thoughtful and helpful, such as those that address a problem the receiver may be having (such as if they frequently forget their wine glass or a scrunchie), are always appreciated. Carefully Curated: Gifts that demonstrate your knowledge of the recipient’s interests and pastimes demonstrate your extra effort. Personal touches: We adore including those small extras that elevate an experience. Personal touches, whether they come in the form of a handwritten message or a favorite sweet treat, are everything. Nobody wants a generic present that you just picked up on the way home. All presents should make the recipient feel loved, isn’t that the point?
Create an Experience – A gift should be an amazing adventure from the first moment the recipient sees it to the final time they light the candle.

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