“It was only my father who attended my wedding” artist Debesh and his wife Addisalem

Making peace is not simple. It’s not just “keeping the peace” or keeping your mouth shut to stay out of conflict. Instead, it’s a purposeful, active condition of being that necessitates you to make thoughtful, occasionally challenging decisions about the direction of your relationship. It takes strength and resolve to seek and build peace. Marriage conflict can be challenging to resolve; as a result, many couples discover that unresolved problems and hurts gradually build up over time. This frequently results in resentment and more frequent arguments. One way to deal with this problem is to consciously work to bring about peace in your marriage by identifying and dealing with your problems. It doesn’t matter if your spouse committed the same mistake as you; what matters is whether you’re willing to take responsibility for your actions by first apologizing. If you need to apologize to your spouse, do it now rather than waiting for them to approach you. If your partner has been holding back, this will give him or her the opportunity to respond in kind. It can only lead to wounds festering and getting worse over time if you try to escape responsibility for poor choices you make or cruel things you say to your spouse. It’s best to bite the bullet and say you made a mistake, despite the fact that you might not want to acknowledge any fault. If you’re willing to own your part when you apologize, your partner will be more inclined to forgive you sooner.

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