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Its unthinkable to negotiate with them – Mustefe Mohammed

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The individuals who have perpetrated wrongdoings in the past system in the area will be considered responsible by law, however, it is unbelievable to arrange and work with them Mustefe Mohammed said. A noteworthy service was held in Jijiga for the recovery of previous Somali pioneers and people harmed during the fear-based oppressor system of the TPLF.

The help program is mutually run by individuals from the Regional Prosperity Party and the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF). The Vice President of the Somali Regional State, Mustafa Mohamed, said the TPLF, which came to control in 1983, had vowed to assemble a majority rule government by regarding the privileges of ethnic gatherings and identities however did the inverse. He said the help for the influenced people ought to be reinforced and financial backers ought to be essential for the help.

Specialist Mohamed Shale, top of the workplace of the Somali Prosperity Party, on his part said the gathering was prepared to work with a body that works for change by censuring the past. executive of the Elders’ Council, approached the public authority to admirably oversee contrasts and backing those influenced by the past system, EBC announced.

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