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January is not my month.

Anyone who has seen ETV’s single channel will recognize Dereje and Habteb, the comic duo that established the essence of comedy in urban Ethiopia, following in the footsteps of the pioneers Alebachew and Limeneh.
People still grin or even laugh their hearts out when they lock eyes with Dereje, despite his small physical change over the years.

It was difficult for him to stand alone in front of the same audience. Dereje, on the other hand, has kept connected to his friend for the past ten years through others who have suffered the same tragedy. Now, Gorebetamochu, a comedy series in which he appears, airs on (EBS) and has proven to be quite popular among the youth – some of whom may not recognize him as a member of that inseparable duo. We asked him how his life has changed since he was 20 years old: As I attempted to achieve a breakthrough in the realm of art in the late 1990s, the most important thing in my life was personal growth. My first focus today is to establish my personal brand, which will serve as a springboard for reclaiming my identity in the marketplace.

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