Japanese way of cleansing your liver and stomach in 3 days

Words have meaning and serve as reminders of a time when we were more in touch with our bodies, nature, and all of life. The Old English word lifer, which we now know as liver and which derives from the word life, means “to sustain, to balance.” Without this organ, we would not be able to live. People looking for a quick health fix and health enthusiasts alike are becoming more and more interested in liver detoxification. Unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect information about liver cleansing, so many people rely on fasting diets instead of having the knowledge necessary to ensure safe and effective liver cleansing. Both yes and no, is the answer. The liver produces bile as part of the biological process of detoxification, which happens naturally. Detoxification is one of the functions of the liver, but when the natural equilibrium of the body is upset—for instance, by consuming too much alcohol, processed foods, or foods high in sugar—your liver processes suffer. Do not wait for these symptoms to appear if your daily diet contains processed foods that are high in sugar and carbs. Detoxing is necessary, but it must be done safely and effectively. After waking up, start your day off right by consuming two glasses of pure water. Take some carrot slices and beetroot juice for breakfast. For a tangy flavor, add tomatoes. Eat a salad with kale, cabbage, and spinach or corn soup for lunch. Include brussel sprouts with dry fruits or vegetables for dinner. Brussel sprouts should be cooked with less spice and turmeric, as a helpful tip. Start each morning with two glasses of fresh water as usual. If an apple, kiwifruit, or avocado doesn’t satisfy your morning hunger, add whole grain bread and hummus dip to your breakfast. Snack on some walnuts between breakfast and lunch (or later). They are delicious, filling, and healthy.

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