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Jossy was surprised by his colleagues

We’re all aware that we need to do a better job of recognizing and praising our employees, supervisors, and coworkers. Employees quit businesses for a variety of reasons, one of which is a sense of unappreciation! Here’s a simple, enjoyable way to add a special day to your calendar that encourages everyone on your team or in your office to give praise in a joyful, and yes, surprising way. Humans have an innate desire to belong to one another, our friends and families, our culture, and our country. When we’re at work, it’s the same. According to our research at the Center for Talent Innovation, employees who feel like they belong at work are more productive, driven, engaged, and 3.5 times more likely to contribute to their maximum potential. To gain a greater understanding of the emotional impact of belonging, as well as the inverse of it. Exclusion is becoming a bigger problem, according to our research. We discovered that more than 40% of people we polled in the workplace feel physically and emotionally isolated. This group included people of many ages, genders, and races. Logan could very well be correct. Sarcasm is a given, but a sizable portion of the English respondents also believed that not sitting next to someone on public transportation was impolite. Asking for directions/instructions on how to do duties in the most efficient manner was also on the list of things that made many employees uneasy. This raises a number of issues, as the majority of respondents in the same study believed that 47 was too old to learn new skills or benefit from new experiences. Unfortunately, six out of ten participants said they would only take on difficulties if they were accompanied by a companion.

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