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Journalist Alemneh Wasse on Seifu show

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Meeting with Journalist Alemneh Wasse on Seifu on EBS. My body is hefty, columnist Alemneh Wasse. This was the kind of woman who might think simply travel two or three hundred kilometers from Addis and you would thump on the entryways of, what w else, in America! Be that as it may, unquestionably she most likely implied the roses, somebody. All things considered, everybody was purchasing roses and she just couldn’t leave herself alone cast to the side. She unquestionably didn’t have a clue about some holy person’s name was appended to the festivals.

In the event that somebody had referenced the name Saint Valentine to her, the staggering impulse would have been to scramble for her supplication book. A holy person with a name beginning with, of all letters on the planet, ‘V’! It would be irreverent of her even to allow the name to go through her sound qualities. Many years of appealing to the right holy people would have gone down the channel! A Saint Valentine! She may even have thought Saint Valentine was the person in whose honor we all are pursued off the roads and the police alarms fill the vas vacuum.

Be that as it may, as far as she might be concerned, it wasn’t about past holy person. It wasn’t tied in with recollecting some heavenly figure for God knows whatever. She likely needed to dazzle by one way or another, fulfill some family member or neighbor. Or on the other hand since each woman in her idir is by all accounts purchasing roses she simply needed to be essential for the group. Everyone in the town was purchasing roses and she won’t be projected out on the wayside. She was not going to be forgotten about in the center of no place, not at her age! All things considered, isn’t it ‘Love Day!’ (Did I get that right?) Or, is it ‘Darling’s day?’

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