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Journalist Askale Tesfaye incredible recovery

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On Seifu Show, Askale Tesfaye, the host and writer of EBC television’s Yewelo Adar show, tells his heartfelt experience. Composing poem has always been a part of her life, and advancing to composing verses is natural. The words in 24 /24, on the other hand, are kind, sending a message of expectation while dealing with difficult issues, like in the tune The World. “She elaborates, “It was a significant matter for me to tackle as a young lady.” “There’s a lot we haven’t done,” she says, referring to the melodic stagnation that lasted from the 1970s until the present. “Musically, something is missing. There are a slew of young artists who are openly using Ethiopian sounds and rhythms in their music.

Ahadu Beatz, Ethiopian Records, and Orphan are all specialists from my generation. They’re fusing contemporary sounds with traditional music. You can knock along to the beat even if you don’t understand the verses. “That’s a way of bringing people in,” Addis adds. “It’s heating up, there’s going to be music conceived, and she’s going to bring something more.”

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