Journalist Seid Kiar is to become a coach

A referee is an official who oversees a sport, such as football, on the playing field in order to enforce rules, determine scores, and ensure fair play. There are referees at every level of competition, from youth recreational to college and professional leagues. As a referee, you are also responsible for monitoring player safety, assessing penalties for rule violations, and keeping track of the remaining game time. You frequently collaborate with other officials to cover the entire playing field. This specialized training teaches you the rules of the game, the techniques to put you in the best position to make calls, and the appropriate hand signals to use when assessing penalty infractions. Experience as a participant in the sport you officiate is not required but can be advantageous. You may also need to improve your skills by serving as a referee at lower levels of competition before moving up. Some employers, such as educational institutions, require applicants to obtain state registration, which may involve passing a written exam and a field test. In addition to strong communication and decision-making skills, additional qualifications include excellent vision and physical stamina.
A good referee must be impartial and cannot favor any team during a game or match. You must also be familiar with the game’s rules, which may vary slightly from year to year. To remain up-to-date, you must attend yearly clinics to ensure that you are aware of any rule changes or points of emphasis.

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