Kal is about to get married….and Dawit’s question

What you don’t know might truly hurt you when it comes to marriage. Relationship experts say that many couples avoid asking each other the challenging questions that can help lay the groundwork for a solid marriage, whether out of shyness, boredom, or a desire to maintain romantic mystery. Those who are thinking about getting married today expect their husbands to be both their best friend and their confidant, in addition to desiring someone with whom they can raise children and have a comfortable life. It can be challenging to meet these romantic-comedy expectations, in part because of Hollywood. There are many questions that can be asked of one another in the beginning of a relationship to help ensure compatibility, but let’s face it: most couples don’t. If a problem isn’t resolved before being married, it will need to be resolved after the wedding. It can be difficult to keep secrets for decades at a time, and being reserved prior to the wedding can cause disappointments later on. Many people hope to maintain some level of independence after getting married while also forming a partnership with their spouse. You might think that you and your significant other know everything about one another by the time you two have become serious enough to sign a certificate. Even yet, there are still a lot of things that couples should discuss before getting married but frequently wait to do so until after the ceremony. You’ll probably discover needs, dreams, and expectations for your future together if you ask the right questions before getting married.

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