Kaleab Kinfe will you get married….?

People who are married tend to have better physical and mental health, as long as they are in a healthy relationship. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University last year found that married persons have lower amounts of the stress hormone cortisol in their bloodstream than singles or divorcees. Some of the most devastating conditions, such as diabetes, dementia, and heart disease, can be exacerbated by chronically high cortisol levels. Being married has various other advantages, including a lower risk of depression, heart attack, and stroke. Additionally, those who are happily married have a higher chance of living longer, being in better financial health, and even surviving cancer. Males get more from a happy marriage than females do, which is surprising. There are additional benefits for men and women who consider their spouses to be their greatest friend, according to a new study. The benefits of marriage have long been shown, but there has been a lot of debate over why this is the case. Is it because marriage is so beneficial to our well-being, or are people who are content with their lives more likely to tie the knot? After an initial burst of satisfaction, married couples’ happiness levels actually returned to pre-marriage levels, according to previous study. An investigation was launched by Vancouver School of Economics researchers. Whether or not there was an increase in happiness and how long it lasted were the primary goals of the researchers. They also looked into the impact of friendship on marriage.

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