“Kanichi beker lela” Mohamoud and Betty G on Majete concert

Preparing for a performance is a vital process, regardless of whether it is your first performance or you are an experienced performer. A combination of practicing before the performance, physical preparation the night or day before, and mentally preparing for the performance are all parts of preparation. Review the performance in detail until you are pleased. Ask directors for advice; they are there to assist you in improving your profession. Even though no show is flawless, you can produce a highly pleasing end product with perseverance. When you are in bed, visualize yourself having a blast on stage. Consider how your songs, dance steps, and lines will all come together flawlessly. You won’t be able to sleep if you’re worried about the performance, therefore the trick is to maintain your calm and visualize a successful performance. Consume lots of orange juice, spinach, bananas, and eggs. Additionally, abstaining from alcohol before a performance will help you concentrate on your tasks. Be sure to adhere to the dress code specified by your director. It is effective to dress in a black tank top and black shorts because of the frequent costume changes. Do some practice at home before wearing it onstage. Choose a dress or another item that resembles your costume from your closet. To avoid snagging or pulling, practice slipping it on and off. Ensure that whatever you wear backstage is suitable for photographs as well. Although most performers pose for photos while wearing their costumes, it is occasionally necessary to change before interacting with the crowd. You must be at ease in quick-change attire while maintaining a professional appearance.

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