Kena has finally found her brothers and sisters

Sibling relationships are among the most powerful links we may have since they form early in life and have a significant impact on how we develop emotionally. Our siblings teach us vital life skills, such as how to establish attachment with people, discover our identity, and negotiate relationships. Sibling separation causes turmoil, uncertainty, and worry because of the difficulties and complexities they face, especially while they are young. They had spent their entire young lives worried about the next time they would have to move and pack their belongings, as well as the possibility of meeting again. We deliberately searched out a family that had the capabilities to adopt these three siblings and put an end to their separation because we recognize the value of the sibling bond. Then we met Erin and Sarah, who were desperate to have a family and spend their lives with underprivileged kids. They sought to prevent any issues brought on by early trauma and give their kids a lifetime of love. We are all aware of the benefits siblings have on our sense of self and interpersonal relationships. Adoptive parents are taught the value of maintaining sibling relationships so that, when the time comes, they are aware of what these kids have been through and know how to best assist them as parents. We are aware that developmental complications can occur when sibling bonds are broken. We work to make these intricacies more understandable so that our adoptive parents can establish a solid foundation with their new family. Particularly when kids are in foster care, siblings give families a feeling of stability.

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