“Kewegeb Betach” shatema edir new comedy drama

We are made up of the stories we tell about ourselves, the people we tell them about, and the times we were really cool. We are who we claim to be. People will assume you are an honest person if you tell them that you are. You won’t be able to do something if you tell yourself you can’t. Your stories define you. What tales about your life have you been telling? The tale of an error? a failure? Being the victim or the underdog is popular in modern society because, in most movies, the underdog always triumphs. However, the underdog triumphs by overcoming their complex, acting courageously, and creating their own narrative. Therefore, discard the book about your awkward, embarrassing, and devastating missteps, as well as the stories about loss, pain, and heartache that you keep reading. I never advocate book burning, but in this instance, place them on the pyre. It is time to consider who you are on the inside since you are not a composite of your negative experiences despite acting as though you are. How Do You Feel? Who do you now want to be? Because choosing your own story is one of its many benefits. Hey, I’m not a loser; I’m a powerful person, you may say. I make every effort to ensure that I don’t feel anxious, therefore I don’t experience anxiety any longer. Being physically fit, I frequent the gym.

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