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Key points for best relationship

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In 1987 when Time Magazine featured a starvation stricken Ethiopian mother on its cover page, it fail to represent the principle request of all: What should Ethiopians do and not do to help themselves?

It is the upside of the people who give to feel sorry to the people who get. One of the remarkable abuses of being an enduring object of good aim and blessings is the knowledge by those helping that current recipients are down and out and powerless, just as dismal and uninformed with respect to what they need to do to help themselves. Well-intentioned patrons and allies as often as possible wrongly acknowledge that recipients of a respectable purpose should “ask how the world can help them, and not how they can help themselves.” But rather, history shows that all friendly orders that have succeeded monetarily, socially and politically expected to deal with their own issues with a little help from buddies. Ethiopians are no exception; they ought to do the total of the difficult work without assistance from any other person if they are to forever pushed off the loads of desperation, starvation, infection, autocracy and corruption. How might Ethiopians manage save themselves?

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