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kick off! The horse is ready!

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The mimosas are being poured, your ‘house cleaners are getting invigorated, and your cosmetics craftsman has recently shown up. What’s next on the agenda? Increasing the volume on a stellar playlist of pre-wedding preparing melodies, obviously! A preparing sesh with your bridesmaids upon the arrival of the wedding featuring lovable coordinating with robes and some Champagne, of course is a custom we love, however it can’t be finished without some incredible music playing behind the scenes.

We’ve curated a blend of old and new tunes, comprising of young lady power songs of praise and cheery hits about adoration across all classifications and many years. These tunes make certain to keep a grin all over the entire morning and assist with facilitating a portion of those pre-wedding nerves. With that ring on your finger, your marriage crew close by, and divas like Whitney and Mariah belting out the works of art, you have the ideal formula for preparing on the morning of your wedding.

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