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Kidist Birehane has a message

Gaining an advantage by looking good? It’s a direct query in this quick-witted, callous world. But numerous studies have addressed issue, and their straightforward conclusion is that yes, attractive people frequently receive unfairly advantageous treatment. Beauty is rewarded in many spheres of life, including business, education, and everyday encounters. Let’s face it, genetics and luck play a part in beauty. It takes just as much work to be naturally beautiful as it does to be naturally gifted. You just cannot control some things, but you can influence others. Being attractive has benefits that transcend cultures. There are certain characteristics that are generally regarded as conventionally attractive – and those conventions are here to stay – regardless of where in the world you come from. Strong jaws in men; high cheekbones in women. The most admired traits are symmetrical faces, silky skin, and shining hair for both sexes. People who are seen to be beautiful are also thought to be wealthier, healthier, more socially dominating, and more reliable.
Intelligence and symmetry go hand in hand. Being attractive frequently results in the development of social skills, which are also seen as indicators of higher intelligence. This typically ensures a better possibility of securing promotions, earning more money, and generally being more persuasive and capable of achieving goals. There are various techniques you can use to enhance your appearance and benefit from attractiveness in daily life. The most well-known is straightforward makeup. The cosmetics industry is very important in fixing and hiding facial flaws, making makeup wearers more appealing and giving them benefits as a result. Another trick is to avoid concentrating on things over which we have no control and instead modify what can be changed. Having a lovely body might be interpreted as a sign of a diligent worker. A person’s self-esteem might rise as a result of improving their fitness level, which can also change how they move and relate to others. A person who exudes confidence and self-assurance is more likely to appear successful, which can have a good snowball effect.

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