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Kids with amazing superpowers in the world

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There’s no need to rely on a fictional, CGI-enhanced Marvel film if mutant superpowers are what people want to see. All around us are very real people with very real gene-based superpowers.

To begin, let’s clarify that mutations do not imply retractable claws or the ability to manipulate the weather. In truth, these small genetic errors usually cause only slight changes that are generally undetectable (when they aren’t fatal).

Nature introduces new varieties into the genetic pool through mutations. If these qualities are beneficial (or at the very least harmless), they are handed down through the generations until they form a natural part of a species’ larger gene pool.

Evolution would be impossible without mutations, as species would never be able to obtain new talents or qualities.

Scientists estimate that every time the human genome copies itself, 100 additional mutations are introduced. They’re fairly common and usually insignificant. However, it is reasonable to expect that among the pantheon of human mutations, some will manifest as astonishing superhuman skills.

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