Amazing kids with Eshetu Melese

It’s no secret that kids like a good laugh. While some imaginative children are capable of coming up with their own ideas, they almost always require assistance. And during this tumultuous time, we could all use a good laugh. We’ve gathered a list of entertaining, kid-friendly jokes to help you out, including birthday jokes, pirate jokes, holiday jokes, and animal jokes.

Crack up with these clean jokes for kids when you and your child need a good chuckle. The guffaws that come from children’s jokes are infectious.

Kids have tremendous imaginations; they can turn any household object into a toy, and they can paint on any wall or piece of furniture. That may be a major source of frustration for parents, but don’t worry; kids can also be quite amusing!

Kids may do some pretty hilarious things without even realizing it, and lucky for us, their parents are there to capture it on film. With everything from awful attire to hilarious exam responses, these photos will brighten your day.

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