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know these things before testing your boy friend

We’ve all heard about the woman who put her lover to the test to determine if he was still worthy of her love, but let’s be honest: the test had everything to do with his knowledge of Beyoncé and next to nothing to do with his commitment to her. While I wouldn’t advise you to use pop culture compatibility quizzes to predict how your relationship will develop, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your lover to the test to see if you should move forward. You can replace your mother with whoever you consider to be the most significant person in your life. After all, the purpose of this test is to introduce your new man to someone who has known you for a long time – and who you know will be there for the rest of your life. If your new boyfriend doesn’t get along with your family and friends for no apparent reason, it’s time to reconsider your relationship. Don’t be afraid to move on to the next one if he fails. There are numerous events that will put your relationship to the test when on vacation. Do you both operate well together when you’re separated? Will you both be able to communicate effectively when you have an unavoidable disagreement? How do you deal with money as a couple? If you come home from your trip feeling more stressed than happy, he may not be the right person for you. Couples are often inseparable at the outset of a relationship. However, there comes a point when you must settle down and make time for your buddies. You’ll get a good notion of how secure your guy is when you have your first girl’s night.

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