learn how to slim your face with makeup

Your favorite blush, a powder little darker than your natural skin tone, a highlighter or powder slightly lighter than your natural skin tone, and a brush to mix Draw a line over your cheekbone with a powder that is slightly darker than your skin. From your ear to the corner of your mouth, blend it. Apply a line of your preferred blush just above the darker line and mix it in the same direction. Apply a dab of highlighter atop your blush to truly accentuate your cheekbones. The darker powder provides a shadow appearance, while the highlighter brings your cheeks to life. Two little brushes to blend, a powder slightly darker than your natural skin tone, concealer or highlighter a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and a powder slightly darker than your natural skin tone. Draw a narrow line on each side of your nose with the darker powder. To blend each edge, use the tiny brush. Then, using the highlighter, draw a line down the center of your nose between your brows and above your nose. Apply your brush to your skin and mix it in. The highlighter draws attention to the main area of your nose, while the darker powder casts shadows on the sides to thin it out. Keep your arches natural, yet tamed, and ideally fairly straight. Full, defined brows will extend your face, while fine arches will make it look rounder. If you’ve over-plucked your brows, don’t be afraid to fill them in with a pencil or pomade, or even having them microbladed. Starting at the very end of your brow, dip your brow brush into some pomade and create light, fluttery hairs. To emphasize your arch, dab a little of highlighter onto your brow bone to complete the look.

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