Lemlem returning to acting after long time

Your imagination will be developed with this practise. One of the key ingredients to becoming a successful actor is expanding one’s imagination. You must first believe that your character’s life is true in order for the audience to buy into the acting you are doing. And in order to do that, you must have the mental capacity to create a miniature universe in which your character lives. You need to think about reasons for your actions, what you are doing, why something is the way it is, etc., even for just one scene. Your imagination is exactly what you need for that. As often as you can, you should focus on expanding your imagination. The goal of this exercise is to improve attention. Since you must pay close attention to every detail of other people, attentiveness is crucial for actors as well. Additionally, it is exceedingly challenging for a newcomer to play a feeling or state that they have never felt before. However, if you have developed attention, you can always recall the details of the observations about the people who have gone through the desired condition or mood. The exercise’s description: Additionally, you can perform this workout alone or with a group. In a group, everyone sits in a circle and has five minutes to recall what they were wearing. It’s crucial to keep in mind all the specifics of your attire, accessories, haircut, etc.

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