Let me introduce this hero…things happen for a reason

Even when justified, being angry rarely helps to solve problems. Take several long breaths. What result here would be most favourable to you? How can you achieve your goals, safeguard your assets, and handle this circumstance with poise? Maintaining composure does not imply avoiding problems; in fact, suppressing your emotions makes it more likely that you will blow up later. But take into account HOW you convey those feelings. When you express anger, the recipient is more likely to focus on your behaviour than your message. Find a non-accusatory approach to express your feelings if someone has truly offended, angered, or inconvenienced you. Simply state your feelings or bring up something they’re unaware of. When we receive terrible news, we frequently assume the worst; this is because, as cavemen, our existence depended on our ability to identify all potential threats. In many respects, it’s engrained in our nature, yet the current world doesn’t require us to continue using this style of thinking. Issues with other people can frequently be resolved with perspective. Try to handle the problem if it is the first time you have addressed it, even though we may see a certain behaviour as recurring frequently.

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