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Let me introduce you..I am very happy

There are a million ways to propose to the love of your life, from the classic rose petals spelling out “will you marry me?” to popping the question in a hot air balloon. However, selecting the best one for you and your spouse may take some time. That’s where our collection of original marriage proposal ideas comes in.

In this piece, we’ve split our top ideas into three categories: private, public, and destination. We also answer some frequently asked proposal questions, provide links and videos to real-life examples, and provide guidance on what to do once you pop the question. Plan a romantic night at home with a personal chef preparing your partner’s favorite dish. One of our favorite ways to employ this unusual marriage proposal notion is for the chef to place the ring on one of the dishes. Believe it or not, there are companies who specialize in this type of thing. Proposal allows you to schedule “your personal chef proposal,” which includes candles, roses, and a three-course meal. Obtain printouts of photographs of the two of you during your relationship. Select a room in your home to decorate with images. You’ll be surrounded by some of your favorite romantic moments.

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