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Let me introduce you to my wife…she is one of the strongest woman

A powerful woman takes on obstacles, defends her rights, and won’t remain silent when someone abuses their position of authority. Fearful, yes. Necessary? Absolutely. Put the middle finger up to fear. Stay the course and acknowledge your journey. Determine what it will take to accomplish your goals and what is standing in your way. Know when you should push yourself and when to back off. The key ingredients are enthusiasm, respect for oneself, subtlety, timing, and a fair amount of courage. It’s time to start cooking, handsome. Because they have confidence in their ability to manage their own financial, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing, strong women don’t fear failure. Does this imply that they don’t require the assistance of others? Obviously not. Author Catherine Bailey writes in her piece for Strong Women Strong Girls, “[A strong woman] accepts she doesn’t have all the solutions. In order to improve her life and develop her thinking, she is prepared to be adaptable and look for additional information. You should not wait for the world to revolve around you; you are here to conquer it. Ask the difficult questions, learn quickly, pick yourself up when you stumble, and continue to take care of business. A powerful woman knows that practice makes (nearly) perfect, and her self-love game is on spot. It’s difficult to try to fix actual problems while ignoring apparent ones. Still, keep trying. No matter what, learn to love yourself.

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