Let me tell you something about my brother

All I ever desired as a child was an elder sibling. To be more precise, an older sister, but beggars can’t be picky. Being half-adopted myself, I understood that this wasn’t completely improbable but it also wasn’t very likely.
You would assume that once my parents had more children, I would become the best and most fantastic elder sibling this world has ever known, given how desperate I was for an attentive older sibling. Super Sis! the family superhero, with Seanboy and Bemma Face as my sidekicks. However, becoming a sibling via force isn’t always successful. I cherish my siblings. Although I haven’t always been the best sibling in the world, I once let a phone book fall back and hit my brother when I was trying to improve my posture while balancing it on my head, claiming it was an accident. My brother was following me at the time. Not at all. His eye was blackened. I tried to be the wonderful older sibling I always wanted to be, but I still feel terrible about it. And I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge along the road. Respecting others is essential for getting along with anyone, but it’s especially important for your siblings. When you get older, you understand that everyone has their own areas of specialization and that being brighter than someone younger than you isn’t necessarily amazing. Most likely, they simply haven’t studied that subject yet. You’ll get trivia’d under the table by a high school student preparing for her SATs or a middle schooler in an advanced math class as you get older and realize all the facts you stored in your brain for quizzes and tests have left you, and soon all that will be left are the specific areas of schooling that you cared about (and probably some Shakespearean sonnets).

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