Let share some secrets about ourselves

Everybody has a secret. We both share and don’t share some. But should you start disclosing your secrets to your coworkers as well? According to research, doing so will allow you to free up mental space and strengthen your social connections, both of which will improve your team spirit and consequently your productivity at work. Let’s stop right here before you carry on reading, okay? When I asked you that question, what just transpired? Normally, when someone says they want to tell us a secret, we lean in, pay close listen, and hope to hear a nice narrative. Our bodies start to produce adrenaline hormones, which provides our brains a tiny boost. Whether you are about to tell us something silly or very serious, or perhaps you have some fascinating knowledge just for us: Yes, we would love to hear it. What constitutes up a secret varies greatly from person to person. Privately, it can be about family, friends, or memories of past traumas; alternatively, it might be a fantastic yet disheartening childhood memory that is really significant but has never been shared. In the workplace, you might have overheard a colleague’s private conversation and vowed not to tell anyone, you might be aware of impending organizational changes that will result in radical change, or you might work in human resources and handle difficult truths as part of employee information that is kept confidential. Or perhaps you simply want to leave your position and would prefer that none of your coworkers know. These secrets could end up being too heavy for us to handle alone.

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