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Let the country learn from the Ethiopian forgiveness hero

Dr. Wedajeneh Mehareneh said, Let the nation gain from the Ethiopian absolution saint, Dagmawi Assefa. Dagmawi Assefa, an astounding young fellow who has been and keeps on being an encouraging sign to the individuals who experience the ill effects of spinal string wounds that their life and future don’t need to be characterized by their actual impediments. In the wake of graduating with distinction from Awassa Law School in Ethiopia, Dagmawi and his accomplice began specializing in legal matters and serving their local area by addressing the people who have been denied equity in view of their powerlessness to bear the cost of a decent legitimate portrayal.

Seven years prior, ridiculous, a man strolled into their law office and shot Dagmawi’s accomplice. At the point when Dagmawi came to his accomplice’s safeguard, the guilty party turned the weapon on Dagmawi and shot him in the neck which cut off his spinal line and left him a quadriplegic. In spite of the fact that his recuperation was long, strenuous, and anguishing, he didn’t leave that alone a block from returning to doing what he cherished, which is to serve his local area as a legal advisor.

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