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Let the people hear my story, A mother whose daughter was taken

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Ethioinfo media presents the dismal story of Melat, an Ethiopian mother whose little girl was taken. Being the first of its sort, the gathering was coordinated by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce And Sectorial Association/ECCSA/, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Job Creation Commission, Ethiopian Cities Association, Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The meeting was supported by the Embassy of Sweden to speed up the connection among urban communities and the personal business area.

The program is set to check a significant achievement in the guide towards the advancement of public-private association, business venture, and occupation creation also. In excess of 60 civic chairmen, 70 business networks, 20 organizations noticeable have been taking an interest in the meeting. Board drying up, show, experience sharing were held during the intuitive meetings.

The gathering centers around five topical zones; work creation, business improvement, maintainable development, metropolitan income, and going worldwide. Getachew Melkamu, program official at Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry and coordinator of the meeting communicated that three results are required to shape the gathering. “The gathering permits urban areas to share encounters in regards to business, assists with making an organization among urban communities, and to construct a drawn out association with the private area,” clarified Getachew.

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