Let us introduce you to Abel’s wife

You’re not averse to polite disagreement. While some couples prefer to discuss issues in private, others may argue vehemently. However, the secret to a strong relationship is to not be afraid of conflict. You must be able to resolve disputes without resorting to demeaning tactics or insistence on being right in order to feel secure enough to voice your concerns without fear of retaliation. You maintain your interests and relationships outside of work. No one person can satisfy all of your needs, despite what romantic fiction or movies might lead you to believe. In fact, placing unwarranted demands on your partner can damage a relationship. Maintaining your separate identity, your relationships with family and friends, and your interests and hobbies will all help to energize and enrich your romantic relationship. Most people believe that falling in love just happens. The commitment and effort are in maintaining the state of being in love or that initial “falling in love” experience. But given the benefits, it’s well worth the effort. Through good and bad times, a strong, secure romantic relationship can be a constant source of happiness and support in your life, enhancing all facets of your wellbeing. You can create a lasting relationship that may even last a lifetime if you take the necessary steps now to preserve or rekindle your initial experience of falling in love. Many couples only work on their union when there are particular, unavoidable issues to resolve. Once the issues are resolved, they frequently return to their careers, families, or other interests. But for love to flourish, romantic relationships need constant care and dedication. A romantic relationship will need your attention and effort as long as it is still important to you.

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