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let us tell you the truth about our relationship

There have always been negative stereotypes and preconceptions about falling in love while you’re young. It’s a contentious topic since everyone has an opinion about it. I, for one, had no intention of falling in love so soon. I liked the concept, but only if it was similar to a Disney film. Being reliant on others has never appealed to me. You’re “supposed to be” partying, dating, making errors, and traveling endlessly in your twenties. I had huge dreams for myself, and falling in love at such a young age was not one of them. But everything happens for a reason, and resisting something that happened so naturally is pointless. It doesn’t matter your age when you know you have someone special since love doesn’t discriminate based on a number. I’m not claiming to have the ideal relationship, but I do have one that makes me happy, and I hope that everyone who reads this does as well. This article is for anyone who is in the same situation as myself, or who is still looking. This essay is intended to provide you with some insight and truth about what it’s like to be in a young relationship, regardless of your relationship status.

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