Let’s laugh together on Seifu on EBS

A lone wolf runs free, hunts, and raises a paw in the air to the sound of the freezing wind that blows constantly through the woodland where it lives. Relying solely on its fur, teeth, and the air it breathes, this remarkable species deserves praise for its independence. It’s an admirable goal, if an idealistic one that isn’t realistic. Wolves, like humans, are social beings that cannot survive without their pack. They rely on their pack to hunt, while we rely on ours to keep grocery stores stocked. While they find a comfortable cave to sleep in, our pack constructs a neighborhood. We mimic the way that they cuddle and tumble around in the snow by nuzzling one other’s faces. One of our peculiarities, humor, brings us closer together than any other trait could hope to do. Laughter is a razor-sharp cutlass that makes us the fiercest of conquerors in the war for social acceptance, where we construct an empire of happy subjects who are only too happy to be deposed. It’s a highly prized trait that forms the rock-solid foundation of thriving relationships by transforming acquaintances into friends, lovers into lifelong partners, and lifelong partners into even more successful individuals. With a healthy dose of humor, our lives can be transformed from a solitary search into a magnificent fellowship full of playful prods, dug ribs, and raucous laughing. Our mutual reliance, when seasoned with humor, may be mouthwatering.

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