Lets talk about beauty and how important is staying young

What about plastic surgery? Most likely not. Plastic surgery is typically a desire rather than a necessity. One of two groups best describes the majority of those considering plastic surgery. The first group consists of individuals who are content with their appearance but still wonder, “What if?” The other group is well-informed, and they typically visit my office with a long list of their wants. Plastic surgery is a popular choice among men and women of all ages for a number of reasons. Particularly among younger patients, some just want to blend in by normalizing physical aspects of their bodies. Others aim to stand out, perhaps by having breast augmentation. Through liposuction, some people seek assistance in maintaining a healthy body weight. Others, however, want to look more youthful once again, whether it be through facelifts or a variety of nonsurgical treatments like chemical peels, Botox injections, and dermal fillers. Plastic surgery done correctly restores your youthful appearance while respecting your body. Additionally, when done properly, plastic surgery can enhance certain parts of your body in a way that is both natural and beneficial to your physical appearance. But when done incorrectly, plastic surgery aims to produce an unnatural appearance that might actually worsen your self-image. Social media makes this trend of oversized lips, breasts, and buttocks clear. Most people do not like the “look at me, I had plastic surgery” look, so a good plastic surgeon should advise you against it. Plastic surgery is not about making you look like a celebrity; it is about enhancing your individual beauty. Any type of elective surgery, including plastic surgery, should not be chosen hastily but rather after careful consideration. The best candidates for cosmetic surgery are those who want to enhance and improve rather than perfect their appearance.

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