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Lidertu Ayalew interview with Arts Tv World 2021

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Muluwork Kidanemariam, Commissioner of the Office of Electoral Commission of the National Regional State of Tigray, revealed to BBC Amharic that the leftover 38 seats in the gathering will be conveyed among the four resistance groups that took an interest in the political race.

Five gatherings incorporating TPLF have partaken in the territorial political race on September 09. As per the starter results declared by the Electoral Commission of the National Regional State of Tigray the quantity of votes got by the five gatherings is expressed as following: TPLF: 2, 590, 620; Baytona: 20, 839; Tigray

Freedom Party: 18, 479; Salsay Weyane Tigray: 3, 136; and Asimba Democratic Party :774. Some 2.7 million individuals were enrolled to cast a ballot in the political decision on Wednesday. Muluwork told neighborhood media that 98% of the enrolled citizens have projected their casted a ballot in any of the 2,672 surveying stations.

On August 06, Tigray National Regional Council has revised Art. 48/2 of the territorial state’s Constitution changing the First Past the Post proviso in the constitution by Mixed Electoral System. In like manner, a choice was made to make 20% the seats in the provincial gathering accessible for resistance ideological groups that partook in the political race, Muluwork disclosed to BBC Amharic.

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