Lidiyana and her boyfriend celebrate 4th anniversary

Most likely, you’ve heard that communication is crucial in a relationship. This still holds true whether you’re in a romantic or personal or business relationship. But talking about things isn’t the only way to communicate. Everyone has a unique way of communicating. Being in a relationship can require you to become more aware of your communication style and how it differs from that of your partner. If you don’t think you both communicate well while emotions are high, you may need to look at other options. Contrary to popular belief, opposites do attract. This may be the case in some scientific fields, but it isn’t necessarily a reliable yardstick for judging relationships. Yes, it might be crucial to maintain your identity in a committed love affair. Each of us brings unique characteristics and attributes to a relationship. Sometimes our past experiences might have a significant impact on how we act and think. Long-term relationships may be difficult to maintain as a result of these behaviours. It could be difficult for you to totally trust a love partner if, for instance, you’ve had previous relationships that were abusive or unfaithful. Understanding who you are and what behaviours you might need to control can be a crucial step towards maintaining a committed relationship. You have the power to transform yourself, not another person. You can take care of your part of the equation. It may also be beneficial to be honest with your partner about your personal development. A simple “Please be patient with me” can go a long way in fostering comprehension.

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