Life coach Dagi On Seifu EBS

We provide weekly fatherhood and motherhood seminars as we strive to create “functional families,” which is one of our pillars of service delivery. The Fatherhood class last week was a little odd because our Director, a woman, led it. Sometimes parents lose sight of the important part they play in their children’s lives, especially the part a father plays in the life of his daughter. The relationship between a father and daughter has a significant impact on the daughter’s future; it will affect the daughter’s strengths, her confidence, her self-image, and her thoughts of other men. Most young girls look up to their fathers as their heroes. The growth of the daughter may be impacted positively or poorly by this relationship, which is an important truth. The relationship between a father and daughter is seen as “one of the greatest relationships in life,” to the point where it establishes expectations for how daughters should be treated. The bond between a daughter’s mother and father is often the first relationship she experiences. Therefore, whether they are excellent or bad, fathers show what a relationship is. We are aware that this has frequently had a detrimental impact on Lifers’ lives, but we always emphasize that there is still time to make a change. He wanted to make a difference for his daughter’s future. When dads are inconsistent, daughters frequently show behaviors that can give dads the impression that their daughter doesn’t care about them or want them around. That is not the case, though. As a result of her father’s inconsistent behavior, the daughter has instead adopted this act of indifference as a coping mechanism. One of the Lifers revealed in class that his oldest daughter withdraws despite his efforts to engage with her. His daughter responds in this way in order to shield herself from the potential of experiencing disappointment again as a result of years of inconsistent behavior.

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