Life in this small house…..an interview with Ejigiye

Happiness is elusive and hard to define. It consists of both your feelings about your present situation and your level of overall life happiness. Making your home happy is one of the best methods to nurture happiness in your life. Your house should be a sanctuary where you may unwind each day. Instead, a large portion of people experience anxiety and dissatisfaction with their surroundings, which significantly lowers their quality of life. In order to live a happy life, it is important to build a home that encourages daily fulfillment and joyful moments.
There are countless things that can put a smile on your face. We all have those particular go-tos that make our lives happier, whether it’s looking at a picture of a puppy or listening to a funny podcast on the way to work. It’s beneficial to put these joyful routines into place where we spend the most time. A peaceful home might be as close as a few minor adjustments, such as adding sunflowers to your counter or painting a wall a cheerful color. Choose a few of these 15 daily suggestions for a happier home, start small, and observe how they affect your day. Throughout your childhood, your parents probably chastised you every day for not making your bed. Why bother making your bed if you’re just going to make a mess of it the next night? Even though it might seem like a waste of effort, making your bed can improve happiness and productivity. If you stopped doing the chore once you reached adulthood, you might want to start doing it again. Making your bed can set you up for success the moment you wake up and only takes a few minutes.

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