Life is not a rehearsal…we are born to live

Let’s be sincere. There isn’t a single, universal strategy for surviving difficult circumstances. However, there are some tactics that are useful regardless of the circumstances surrounding you and your company. To begin with, the first tactic is to not take things too seriously. I am aware that the decisions we make can have a big impact, but in the grand scheme of things that truly matter, those effects are inconsequential. Have you heard the saying from the book of the same name, “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff”? The majority of ordinary events don’t really matter all that much when you put them in context. During difficult circumstances, it’s more crucial than ever to maintain perspective. “Things” are not very important. While gadgets and toys are good to have, we don’t need to have the newest models to enjoy life; toys can be replaced. Making a good impression is vital, but your suit or toys won’t make someone want to spend time with you. People are drawn to you, want to work with you, and want to follow you because of who you are as a person. Do not misunderstand: Suits, toys, and technology are all lovely to have. My point is that it won’t have any impact if you had to give up some of them during difficult circumstances.

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