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Life journey of Tariku Gankasi

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Tariku Gankasi was a soldier who guarded the borders of the country, He tasted street life, He also tried agriculture and now he becomes a singer. A contemporary dance entitled “Gravity” will be presented by Fabrice Lambert on April 23 at Alliance Ethio-Française. Gravity is an installation and a choreography of dancing inside a pond filled with water. Supported by light and sound the process reveals the image without a video projector. The light reflected on the pond lets the image of a body floating on the surface appear on the whiteboard that is hanged behind.


With this piece, the artist is able to create a hypnotic feeling of a man who is immersed, walks, and moves in the water; creating a series of moving pictorial paintings. Inspired by the work of Kazimir Malevich entitled “black square”, one of the seminal works of modern art and of abstract art in the western painter tradition generally. Taking inspiration from Malevich’s work the artist uses his own body as material and color to play with the perception of the audience.


Ethio-modern dance entitled “Common Threads” will be presented on July 2 at the National Theatre. This event is organized by the National Theatre of Ethiopia in collaboration with F.I.V.E productions LLC. (USA) and The University of Limerick (Ireland) in association with Hahu Entertainment PLC. This performance is directed by the renowned dancer Ras Mikey Courtney. This community-based cultural exchange explores Ethiopia’s connection to the world through dance. This dance project features choreographic collaborations with dance artists from Ethiopia and others from around the globe.

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