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Life with Ethiopian mothers is all fun

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Ethiopian moms from Dire Dawa Singing and having fun with Mahmoud Ahmed’s music. Mahmoud Ahmed is an Ethiopian artist of Gurage family line. He acquired incredible fame in Ethiopia during the 1970s and among the Ethiopian diaspora during the 1980s, prior to ascending to global distinction with African music fans in Europe and the Americas. Brought into the world in Addis Ababa, Mercato area, Mahmoud was excited with the music he heard on Ethiopian radio since the beginning. Having inadequately learned in school, he worked shoeshiner prior to turning into a jack of all trades at the Arizona Club, which was the night-time home base of Emperor Haile Selassie I’s Imperial Bodyguard Band.

One night in 1962 when the band’s vocalist didn’t appear, Mahmoud requested to sing a couple of tunes. He before long turned out to be essential for the band’s normal arrangement, where he stayed until 1974. In the wake of cutting his first single with Venus Band “Nafqot New Yegodagn” and “Yasdestal” in 1971, Mahmoud kept on recording with a few groups for the Amha and Kaifa record names all through the 1970s.

The defeat of Emperor Selassie and the suspension of melodic nightlife under the tactical government made changes in the Ethiopian music industry—the Imperial Body Guard Band were no more, and Mahmoud kept on making hit records and tapes with numerous artists who stayed in the nation, including the Dahlak Band, and the Ibex Band. He additionally started to deliver solo tapes, going with himself on the krar, guitar, or mandolin.

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