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Lina and Biniam heart to heart part 2

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Whatever the cause for the affair, it takes a toll on the people involved and the relationship. Infidelity destroys the foundations on which at least one partner in the relationship relied for stability and safety. It calls into question everything: who we think we are, what we think we have or were working towards, our ability to love, trust, and believe in our own judgment. It lowers both people’s self-esteem and their sense of place and belonging in the relationship, but it doesn’t have to destroy the partnership. There are no black and white situations in which we humans are concerned. Throughout February, people have been wearing crimson gowns on National Wear Red Day and eating flavonol-rich chocolate on Valentine’s Day to commemorate Heart Health Month. The fundamentals of a heart-healthy lifestyle are well-known: eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, aim for enough dietary fiber intake, exercise regularly, quit smoking if you smoke, moderate alcohol consumption, and maintain a healthy body weight. Comprehension, on the other hand, does not automatically indicate action.

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