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Liya show is about to get married

To begin with, a traditional Ethiopian cultural wedding lasts three days. Each incident is significant in its own right. Several customs are observed in Ethiopian wedding culture, including the kissing of elders’ knees, which is unheard of anywhere else. At the conclusion of the festivities, the bride is granted a new name. We’re not talking about her new surname; rather, her mother gives her a new name that everyone will remember as a result of her wedding. Due to many old traditions and customs, as well as the fact that it is a three-day affair, it is highly rare for two Westerners to have an Ethiopian wedding. You can always have an Ethiopian wedding if you’re dating an Ethiopian man or woman. You could skip the traditional parts that involve more parties, like the two extra days and, of course, the knee kissing. You and your fiancĂ© may continue to dress in Ethiopian bridal attire, complete with braids and tattoos, eat Ethiopian traditional dishes and beverages, feed each other, and perform Ethiopian dances.
All you need is someone to handle these tasks on your behalf. With the right phone calls and careful planning, you can have an Ethiopian wedding.

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