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Since 1902, the Children’s Institute has expanded and evolved. We are still founded in exceptional care and cutting-edge procedures more than a century later. Our growth can be seen in how we adapt to changes in the world around us in order to better meet the needs of people with special needs and their families. Our strategic plan, Vision 2023, reflects our progress. For children with special needs, their families, and each other, we create a loving, caring, family-centered atmosphere. We fight for the rights of children and their families. We are dedicated to organizational and financial transparency, as well as respect for all people and ethical standards. We will strive to be the best at what we do and provide the finest quality family-centered care and services to our children. We go above and above the call of duty in terms of providing services and resolving issues. In all we do, we strive to collaborate and partner. We are a group of people who rely on each other to deliver the high-quality care and services for which we are known. We collaborate well and communicate clearly. We will create a happy and welcoming atmosphere.

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