“Look we are married…” comedian Eshetu

The nuptials There are numerous vivid depictions of Ethiopian wedding rituals and traditions. Despite the fact that more and more couples are opting for modern weddings, traditional wedding customs are still prevalent. Here are many of Ethiopia’s most common wedding customs. Two days prior to the wedding, the Telosh holiday is observed. As a wedding gift, the woman receives a bridal gown or jewelry from the groom and his family. Before supper, the remaining guests present the bride with their presents. Every member of the bride’s family gathers outside the residence to sing a traditional song stating that no one will be allowed inside until the bride’s father arrives to collect her. Before the husband may enter and present his bride with flowers, the bride’s family must get permission. Before leading the party of friends and relatives to the wedding automobile, she kisses the flowers. Incongruous with the remainder of the ceremony, knee kissing is an Ethiopian wedding tradition. In addition to the bride and groom’s parents, there are many older relatives who attend the wedding to see their grandchildren. As a sign of respect and admiration for their accomplishments, they kiss the knees of the family’s elders when they enter the room. In exchange, the newlyweds receive the grandparents’ blessings.

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