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Look what my daughter is teaching me

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Home cooking was a cultural tradition and an integral part of daily life for me growing up in a traditional Asian Indian household. The acquisition of cooking knowledge and abilities was once expected and regarded as normal. I acquired new understanding about various cultural values and conventions pertaining to food and domestic culinary habits when I immigrated to the United States. Home cooking has taken on a whole new significance for many families in the modern era, when millions of Americans are forced to adhere to social isolation and stay-at-home rules. As I navigate this new normal, I consider myself fortunate to possess the cooking expertise and abilities that enable me to transform everyday pantry ingredients into a variety of cultural food specialties from around the world. I’m grateful to my family for preserving the love of homemade food. Cooking, which is roughly described as having the capacity and competence to make meals, is an acquired skill. Home cooking is a habit that includes a variety of activities, such as nutrition and age-appropriate kitchen chores like food planning, preparation, safety, and consumption. Cooking skills can be learned by kids at home under the direction and supervision of an adult. The advantages of cooking at home are numerous. Families who cook their own meals consume a better diet. According to studies, families who cook at home consume more fruits and vegetables and less convenience and processed food than families that cook infrequently or never. According to a study, adolescents who can cook tend to have better nutritional and mental health as well as closer family ties. Cooking at home has been linked to benefits in adults’ mood, affect, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and food intake. Meal planning, purchasing, and financial planning are all part of food resource management. Home cooking helps families eat well on a budget and saves time and money, according to studies.

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