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Looking for his long lost sister

While we’re aware of the underlying arrangement that permits brothers to tease their sisters, we’ll summon the power of Thor’s hammer if anybody else does. Because he said my sister she wasn’t pretty enough to couple’s skate with, I punched him in the nose during a roller rink session at summer camp. The fact that he was three feet taller than me didn’t matter to me, nor did it matter that his veins were packed with enormous, nordic blood. He tampered with my ancestry, and that’s not okay among brothers. As brothers grow older, they will have a better idea of who would be a good match for their sisters. In the end, we will be able to tell which relationships are best for our sisters because significant others will always want to win our affection. On the other hand, boys are always on probation with me since no one can measure up to my sister.
To keep you safe from unwanted attention, we’re here to help. Once, while still maintaining eye contact with the boy who’d handed the chocolates to my sister, I ate a whole box of chocolates right in front of him. Are you sure these were meant for her? What can you do to earn her heart and affection? It means a lot to me, honey. We show our sisters that men are capable of being empathetic. We’re told by society that males are stoic because it’s not “manly” to express one’s feelings. Her memory of the day I had a nervous breakdown in front of Eeyore at a “meet the characters” meal in Disney World is different. It didn’t stop me from sobbing, even though I was visibly sunburned and delusional at the time of my sobs. Society prefers to keep men’s emotional blubbering infantile tendencies a secret from their sisters. Congratulation to the college student who had to wear the attire. For anyone who’s read this, I’d like to apologise.

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