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Losing the one you love is unbearable

Everyone has had an ex who refuses to leave our thoughts. A toxic friendship that, despite draining us, we continue to maintain. or even a poisonous family member. Holding on is a human tendency, yet it’s also a key method we prevent ourselves from achieving our objectives. In the end, holding on to someone you love might be harmful to you since it keeps you from realizing your full potential. Why is it so difficult for us to learn how to let go of a person we love? We enjoy clinging to things, circumstances, and people in particular because they satisfy our desire for certainty. One of the Six Human Needs that underpins all of our decisions is certainty. There is frequently a great deal of uncertainty involved with ending a relationship and moving on. There is still a certain element of certainty there that might make it difficult to know when to end a relationship, even if it has come to an end or one or both of you are unhappy. We might also defend our choices by pointing to the past. Remember those times in high school or college when you were rejected by a number of possible partners? In some situations, you could feel compelled to keep onto a partner, even if they are not right for you, out of concern that you won’t be able to find anybody else. Those experiences make everything okay in your eyes. Those memories become a part of your tale and work against you when you’re reluctant to let them go. Sometimes, even though we really don’t want to, people want to let go of us. When your feelings for someone haven’t altered, letting them go is even more difficult. Always keep in mind that in relationships, you go to offer rather than to receive. And there are moments when giving your mate freedom is the finest thing you can do. Listen to Tony working with Dano to help him understand the value of letting go in the clip below.

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