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lost contact with family because of missing luggage

When you suspect someone significant in your life has vanished, you must act fast to begin a search. Start by filing a missing persons complaint with the police department, then take steps to conduct your own search. You may need to notify the media and employ a private detective if the person does not return home. You can improve your chances of finding a missing individual by following the correct steps quickly. You are not need to wait a certain period of time before filing a missing person report. The sooner you report your loved one missing to the authorities, the sooner they can begin searching. To file a report, go to your local police station. Give the police information about the person who has gone missing. You’ll need to submit precise information about the missing person’s physical attributes and last known location to complete the missing persons report. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System should be contacted. This system is run by the US Department of Justice. NamUs allows you to upload missing person information for use by law enforcement, agencies, and people. By making this information available to the public, the site aids in the completion of missing persons cases.

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