Love and Firfir….picking the one

If you don’t think you’re one of the “lucky few” who can magically attract whomever you want, reconsider. Attraction may be a matter of opinion, but you still have some control over how people see you. Maintain your integrity and exude confidence, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself and flaunt your own sense of humour. Make the other person feel appealing by listening intently and keeping eye contact. To appear welcoming, keep your body language open and relaxed. Open out to people more as you get to know them and connect with them frequently to increase their attraction to you over time. People who are enjoyable to be around tend to draw others. Try to unwind and enjoy yourself with the person if you’re aiming to attract them. When you’re trying to attract someone, be willing to appear stupid. Make silly comments, for instance, while watching a movie, without fear. Be ready for exploration. Go along for the ride and make an effort to have fun if, for instance, the person you’re attempting to attract wants to go out to dinner. Those that are self-assured are more appealing to others. Try to be confident while you’re around someone you wish to attract. Do actions that give the impression that you are confident, such as speaking your mind and being yourself without reservation.

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